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Payment Gateway

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What is a payment gateway?

Simply put, a payment gateway acts as a portal or tunnel between your merchant account and your customer’s bank account. Any business thinking of accepting payments online will require a portal into every bank in the world in order to retrieve the card details and funds from the cards used by their clients. Your online payment gateway is the first element that the payment information hits when it is submitted online.

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We are Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. 99.99% Uptime - Never lose another sale because your payment service is down.

Total Control - Live Insights

We offer more than a payment processing platform to take card and credit card payments. Our bespoke CRM dashboard gives you a complete overview of your commercial activity.

Multiple Payment Options

198 different methods to process card payments. We've got the knowledge and expertise to ensure you can always collect revenue. Take mobile payments as well as card present payments with our payment solutions gateway.

Payment Gateway Features

As we are free from the constraints of an acquiring bank, we can offer you a plethora of tailored merchant accounts suited to any business needs.

  • Research different account options & conditions to find the best solution for you
  • Guarantee debit card and credit card transactions are processed safely and securely with fraud protection
  • Pre-check customers' accounts for sufficient funds before payment authorisation
  • Accept payments with protection against chargebacks
  • Use our active partnerships with banks to streamline the approval process and get a priority set-up
  • Take recurring payments
  • Negotiate with banks for the cheapest possible price on your merchant services
Payment Gateway

Acquiring Freedom: Our Low Rate Promise

Compare rates across multiple banks with one application. We're not owned or controlled by an acquiring bank. In fact, we work with multiple banks so we can find and pass on the best rates to you.

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Total Control

Payment Gateway with Total Control

Our gateway powers sales online, in your store or even over the phone.

198 Ways to Get Paid

Accept all traditional (and most alternative) payment methods, including ApplePay and more.

Enhanced Reporting

With one of the best reporting suites in the industry, Total Control allows you to get payment data in real time, complete overview of your commercial activity and gain in depth customer insights.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration to start accepting payments.

Our plugins support a huge range of existing eCommerce platforms and native solutions.

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Payment gateways may seem confusing but it’s simple. A payment gateway acts as a portal between your acquiring bank and the customer’s bank account. Having a merchant account allows your website to connect to this payment gateway.
A payment gateway fee pays for the processing of receiving debit card and credit card transactions and the receipt and authentication of such safely and securely. The fee is charged both in part by the card issuer and the gateway.
An interchange fee or rate is a charge to the merchant made by the acquiring bank for the costs of handling the risk of a transaction made via credit or debit.
A monthly minimum is a fee that will be charged by your processing provider if you do not process more than an agreed amount per month. If you process more than this amount, the minimum monthly payment fee is waived.
A rolling reserve is a risk management strategy put in place by a merchant’s acquiring partners to protect both them (the Bank) and the merchant against any potential loss due to chargebacks. This is typically done by hold back a percentage of processing revenue per transaction and releasing after a set time.
3D Secure is a tool that authenticates credit card payments with additional information from the cardholder in order for it to be processed. This service is available for Visa, Mastercard, and other major card schemes.

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