Defend chargebacks with a unified approach to fraud through Total Defender.


Tackle undefended chargebacks and high-risk transactions with ease in Total Defender.

Stay in

Quickly remedy pre-chargeback transactions using preventative data from our acquiring network.


Identify abnormal behaviours and monitor risky transactions through our fraud and risk suite.

Win Rates

Boost positive outcomes against disputes with a streamlined approach to chargebacks.

Your 2-Click
Defence Against Fraud

Total Defender In Action

A unique, quick and simple response to chargebacks.

Create Your Defence

Compile your defence with Total Defender’s simple document upload tool.

Real-time Updates

Click Defend to begin tracking your defence in real-time with clear status updates directly within Total Defender.

Chargeback Alert


Handle disputes quickly with a streamlined de-escalation process.


Minimise further costs to processing and quickly refund or reverse transactions categorised as high-risk.


Reconcile disputes to previous alerts with simple actions that amend your dispute case.

Risk Data

Take action to prevent chargebacks with consolidated risk data in Total Defender.


TC40 alerts are sent by the issuing bank when a customer makes a fraud claim.


Receive direct-from-source issuer data with Ethoca Alerts and drastically reduce the time it takes to be alerted of confirmed fraud.


Receive pre-risk data with SAFE alerts. Get notified when a customer makes a fraud claim with their issuing bank.

Total Transparency
with Total

Understand every fee associated with your chargeback alerts. Communicate directly with issuers to ensure your response to fraud is effective.

Risk Management

Discover every tool against chargebacks —before they can become a risk to processing.

Complete Visibility

Download your chargeback defence to receive a complete overview of your customer’s transactions.

Defence Customisation

Strengthen your defence at any time by adding or replacing any evidence to your chargeback case.

Dynamic Alert Filtering

Find what you need quickly. Filter your chargeback data by dispute type and status with our quick search tools.

Trackable Changes

Monitor your chargeback defence directly within your Total Defender dashboard with automated and clear-to-read case updates.

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Our mission is to be the most customer-focused payments company in the world.

Dally and the team offer quick and reliable support, including the production of new reports and data which has helped to identify patterns and improve payment rates.

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