Cookie Policy 

This cookie policy describes how Total Processing (“TP”) uses “cookies” and other similar technologies, in connection with our Site and Services.  

1. What is a Cookie? 

Cookies are small text files that are stored in a computer’s browser directory. They help site providers with things like understanding how people use a site, remembering a user’s login details, and storing site preferences.

2. Does Total Processing use Cookies? 

Yes. TP use cookies in accordance with our Privacy Notice to: 

  • ensure that our Services function properly, 
  • detect and prevent fraud, 
  • understand how visitors use and engage with our Site, and 
  • analyse and improve Services. 

3. Who sets cookies when I use Total Processing’s Site? 

There are a number of type of cookies that can be set:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies are placed and read by TP directly when you use our Services and provide core functionality.
  • Preferences: Cookies not absolutely necessary but may improve the TP user experience without tracking behaviour or personal information.
  • Analytics: Containing cookies that track TP user behaviour and user to report information on the web site’s usage.
  • Marketing: Containing cookies used to provide TP personalised advertisements.
  • Third party cookies: these cookies are not set by TP, but by other companies, like Google, for site analytics purposes.

4. How Total Processing Uses Cookies 

Cookies play an important role in helping us provide effective and safe Services. Below is a description of the commonly used cookie types and the purposes that apply to them. Each section references TP’s Cookie’s. 

Necessary Cookies 

Some cookies are essential to the operation of our Site and Services and make it usable and secure by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the Site. We use those cookies in a number of different ways, including: 

Authentication. To remember your login state so you don’t have to log in as you navigate through our Site and dashboard. 

Fraud Prevention and Detection. Cookies and similar technologies that we deploy through our Site help us learn things about computers and web browsers used to access the Services. This information helps us monitor for and detect potentially harmful or illegal use of our Services. For example, in order to process payments transactions for our Users, it is necessary for TP to collect information about the transaction and the Customer. To help secure these transactions and minimise fraud, we collect additional information through the use of cookies and other technologies in helping to identify bad actors and prevent them from making fraudulent transactions. Customers should check our Users’ sites for more information about the use of TP cookies for fraud detection. 

Security. To protect user data from unauthorised access. 

Functionality. To keep our Site and Services working correctly, like showing you the right information for your selected location. 

Preference Cookies

Preference Cookies are designed to help the user experience without tracking behaviour or personal data.

Analytics Cookies 

Analytics cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our Services. We use those cookies in a number of different ways, including: 

Site Features and Services. To remember how you prefer to use our Services so that you don’t have to reconfigure your settings each time you log into your account. 

To Analyse and Improve Our Services. To make our Site and Services work better for You. Cookies help us understand how people reach our Site and our Users’ sites. They give us insights into improvements or enhancements we need to make to our Site and Services. 

Third Party Analytics. Through Google Analytics in order to collect and analyse information about the use of the Services and report on activities and trends. This service may also collect information regarding the use of other sites, apps and online resources. 

Advertising Cookies 

We and our service providers will use cookies and similar technologies on to direct TP ads to you through targeted advertisements for TP Services on other sites you visit and to measure your engagement with those ads.  

5. Can I opt-out? 

Yes. You can opt out of cookies through our Cookie Settings Dashboard, with the exception of those cookies that are necessary to provide you with our Services. For TP-affiliated websites, you can learn more about cookies by visiting those sites directly. Your web browser may allow you to manage your cookie preferences, including to delete and disable TP cookies.  

For more information on the Cookie policy please contact our Data Protection Manager [email protected]

Last updated: June 2023