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Leading Merchant Account Providers

Choose from a wide range of merchant accounts customised towards your business needs. Total Processing is partnered with multiple acquiring banks to bring complete processing flexibility to any business.

Leading Merchant Account Providers

Choose from a wide range of merchant accounts customised towards your business needs. Total Processing is partnered with multiple acquiring banks to bring complete processing flexibility to any business.
Account Sourcing
Research different account options and conditions to find the best solution for you.
Secure Processing
Guarantee debit and credit card transactions are processed securely.
Optimised Revenue
Pre-check customer accounts for sufficient funds before authorising payments.
Easy Set Up
Benefit from our active partnerships with banks to streamline the approval process and get a priority set-up.
Chargeback Protection
Stay protected against chargebacks with Total Defender - a unified solution against fraud and risk.

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Our plug-ins support a huge range of existing ecommerce platforms and in-app solutions.

Why Do I Need A Merchant Account?

A merchant account is necessary to allow your business to accept electronic credit and debit card payments. Your merchant account is a type of business account made to hold payments from your customers. It is held with an acquiring bank while waiting for payments to be approved by the customer's bank, before being sent to your business bank account.

Merchant Account KYC

Know your customer (KYC) is the process that a business must go through in order to verify the identity of its clients. Many financial organisations are governed by a regulatory body, which states that each and every organisation has to be fully verified. KYC regulations are in place to protect both you as a customer, and the bank that you are using.

What Does A Merchant Bank Typically Ask For?

Banks can vary in their KYC requirements, but you can expect to be asked for some of the following KYC documents during the verification process:

  • Passport or driving licence for the major shareholders and directors
  • Utility bill or some form of address verification for the key shareholders (Personal ID)
  • Utility bill or some form of address verification for the business (Business ID)
  • Business bank statements

Each Merchant Bank has its own KYC process, and the way in which things are done will differ slightly from bank to bank; however, the above list details the basic supporting evidence that you’ll need to provide to ensure KYC compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a merchant account (or ‘merchant ID’) quickly and easily by speaking to a member of our team. Your business needs a merchant account if it wants to accept card payments. Fortunately, as professional merchant service providers, setting up one — or several — accounts is a quick and easy process with us.

A merchant account helps you to accept payments from credit or debit card transactions both online and via an in-store card machine. It plays a key role in checking if the customer has the right amount of money, before depositing the money into your business bank account. The main function of the merchant account is simply to protect and hold the customer’s money for a short period of time until the customer’s bank can confirm the payment has been made to you and that everything is in order.

There are no set-up fees with Total Processing. There are also no cancellation fees. The running costs, however, such as the monthly rental fees and per transaction processing fees, depend on various factors such as the type of industry and the level of risk involved in your business. A high-risk merchant account would cost more than a low-risk merchant account.

Once a customer has made a payment, those funds are sent to the acquiring bank that the merchant is partnered with. Each of these payments is then released within a pre-agreed upon amount of days and transferred to the merchant’s nominated business bank account. This length of this period is known as settlement days and varies depending on your acquirer.

It depends. If you have several brick-and-mortar stores and are using POS systems (card readers) to accept payments in-person then it’s best to have at least one merchant account for each location. You may even need multiple card machines at each site. You will need a separate account to take online payments even if you already have one for your physical store. And you will need more depending on how you want to take flexible payment options. For example, you’ll need an additional account to take payments online by phone (a virtual terminal). This might sound confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We will carefully look at your business, and figure out just how many accounts you will need to operate as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Then we will set it all up for free.

We care deeply about our customer service and how we can support our clients. If you’ve ever struggled to understand how merchant accounts work and how you can utilise them to achieve business success, then we can be of assistance. We will dedicate the time to help you learn the necessary information. We’ve helped hundreds of companies — ranging from startups to small businesses and large organisations — with our payments packages. We work hard to create and provide integrated plans suitable to you that no other online payment service provider can quite match. Even the big players.

Yes. The two are not the same thing. You will still need a payment gateway to accept card payments, as well as many alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express and more. We offer all-in-one packages that include a merchant account, payment gateway, payment processor and more.