The Smart Way

Smarter payment solutions optimise your checkout to deliver seamless customer journeys.


Introducing payment solutions that work across multiple commerce channels to reduce losses and increase revenue.


Increase authorisations with greater acquiring coverage and intelligent routing methods at the checkout.


Prevent fraud in the payment flow with seamless authentication methods at the checkout that are SCA compliant.


Quickly recover post-checkout losses with a 2-click approach to fraud and chargebacks in Total Control.

Optimised Checkouts

Optimise your e-commerce checkout to create the most convenient and secure payment flow for your customer.

Real Time Validation

Errors happen. Verify customer card details as they’re typing in order to minimise declines.

Device Optimisation

Optimise your platform for all devices with tools that ensure your checkout is desktop, mobile and tablet ready.


Quickly populate lengthy form fields with customer credentials to accelerate the checkout process.

Preferred Payment Methods

Offer alternative and preferred payment methods that align with customer spending preferences and speed up the payment flow.


Adopt an international approach when taking payments. Tailor your customer’s checkout experience with preferred language, currency and local payment methods.

Smart Billing

Intelligent routing services ensure a seamless transition of funds from the customer to merchant.


Reduce fraud by replacing sensitive cardholder information with encrypted tokens in order to securely store customer details.

Smart Dynamic Routing

Reduce involuntary churn with smart dynamic routing to ensure that the best path to authorisation is taken when taking payments.

Optimum Billing Time

Our processing algorithms determine the best times to take payments from your customers so there’s less chance of a decline.

Recovery Toolkit

Smart billing initiatives form an essential route to revenue recovery.


Intelligent payment algorithms automatically rebill missed payments from a recurring schedule until the payment request is fulfilled.

Account Updater

Expired payment information is automatically updated with the latest cardholder information to minimise any interruptions in customer service.

& Insights

Power your solution with real-time payment insights.

Data Analysis

Access historical, current and projected outcomes based on your payment data to inform effective actions.

Risk Profile

Manage 120 tools to build out your risk profile in order to swiftly tackle fraud and chargebacks.

Payments Made Real

Our mission is to be the most customer-focused payments company in the world.

We work extremely closely with Total Processing as their bespoke and consultative approach is totally different to what else is out there in the market. Sam has been absolutely amazing his dedication, knowledge of industry and support are exactly the level of service we wish to offer our clients. The timely support and assistance is appreciated by ourselves and our clients. They’re all about adding value, which in our industry is essential.

Umar Ali, UK Wholesale