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What Are Merchant Services?

What Are Merchant Services?


Abdullah Abdelkafi


24 Dec 2019

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There is often a lot of confusion surrounding the role of Merchant Services between a business and a bank. What can often be misconstrued as a third party interrupting the flow between a merchant and his settlements, there is a lot to be understood about how a ‘middle man’ can streamline and assist in the day-to-day operations that get and keep a business processing; wherever they are.

Originally, a Merchant Service Provider dealt with a relatively small circle of services regarding the taking of credit and debit payments for business owners in a usually small domestic area.

However, with the internet of things and a broad expansion into e-commerce, the vast array of services a Merchant Service Provider can offer a business, has grown rapidly. There is even an increasing number of high-risk merchant providers ready to service high-risk businesses.

With this expansion, Merchant Services have expanded into softwares and hardwares that all aid in the processes that help businesses accept payments via different platforms and methods.

With the introduction of e-commerce businesses, Merchant Service providers also have become providers of payment gateways; where there is a bigger onus on merchants to ask potential providers how they can accept payments, and what types of payments they can accept for them.

Today, businesses should fully expect a credible Merchant Services provider to encompass a range of the following services:

Acquiring Tools:

Total Processing has the facilities to connect into a partner network of 300 acquirers, to ensure that accepted Merchants worldwide can process with an acquiring bank local to them. With these partnerships, Total Processing isn’t tied into offering its Merchants a limited deal; negotiating instead in their best interests with a deal that works for them.

Processing Options:

With an expectation to fulfil the taking of payments from both online and brick-and-mortar stores, Total Processing can take payments via IVR and Virtual Terminal services; as well as by pay by link and take scheduled recurring payments. Our state of the art payment gateway always allows seamless integration into PMS systems and hosted payment pages with 99.99% uptime and an optimised control dashboard that affords businesses total control.

On top of these services, has been our expansion into point of sale systems; as more recently and globally introduced via our partnership with HotelTime’s PMS integration.

To read more about our partnership with HotelTime click here.


Total Processing makes sure to offer UK-based support resources to help merchants manage fraud and chargebacks beyond our CRM and total control dashboard. With a human-facing infrastructure of support teams and payment engineers working in-house, we make sure to manage merchant accounts to prevent any malicious activity, and assist businesses with integration using our level 1 PCI DSS compliant COPYandPAY tools – available in multiple coding languages. Our engineers will also assist merchants in integrating our payment gateway into popular e-commerce platforms such as woocommerce, shopify and magento.

As a Payment Service Provider and Merchant Services Provider, Total Processing’s services begin with the need to take a transaction and will follow Merchants throughout their business as an invested partner.

In choosing Total Processing, Merchants will have a flexibility that allows them power over their settlement periods, from as little as 2 days and negotiability over monthly minimums and processing fees; we’ll work with acquirers to support your business and get you processing.

To get started with Total Processing, contact us today on 0330 121 6418.


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