The most successful cryptocurrencies of 2023 | New Insights

Crypto wallet showing the value of Dogecoin over time

Key takeaways: What makes a successful cryptocurrency?  The most successful cryptocurrencies are all: What this essentially means is they are reliable and practical. For example, a coin that is scalable can process transactions very quickly, using the fastest and most secure blockchains.   Unsurprisingly, these qualities can make a cryptocoin more popular, expedient and valuable.  Read […]

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Should you go global with cross-border e-commerce?

World map with arrows indicating cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border shopping has become common practice for shoppers worldwide. Most consumers won’t even think twice about whether a purchase is being made locally or not; it’s just the norm to be able to shop internationally. But does that mean expanding into the cross-border e-commerce market is the next step for your business? There are many […]

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Tokenisation payment technology explained | A guide

Icons related to tokenisation including, security lock, card, and payment successful

Card tokenisation explained: How does tokenisation work in payments?  Tokenisation is a secure way of paying that involves swapping out a customer’s sensitive financial information with non-sensitive information; a token.  For a payment token example, say a customer is about to purchase something online with their debit or credit card, the tokenisation payment algorithm will […]

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Gen Z’s shopping habits: The future of payments


With over 2.5 billion people born between 1997-2013, Generation Z is becoming the largest population in the world. With their vast numbers and unique shopping behaviours, this dynamic group is revolutionising the way businesses operate. As a business owner, it’s essential to understand the psychological factors that drive their behaviour and tailor your brand to […]

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Chargebacks vs hospitality – How to ‘check-out’ friendly fraud

Payment terminal in a café/restaurant

As a merchant, when we say chargebacks we’re sure a headache, a nuisance and unwanted costs are a few things that come to mind. But what do you think consumers think about? A high-value item that never turned up? Or a random transaction from overseas that definitely doesn’t belong to the cardholder? Although these are […]

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