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Are payment links secure?

Are payment links secure?


Faye Duncan


11 May 2023

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Payment links are a quick and easy method to get paid and are just as quick and easy for the consumer. Since speed and convenience is all consumers want these days, it’s a great option to choose.

Which is why they’re particularly popular within the hospitality sector. But, since they are a good way to chase payments, they’re also a useful method when it comes to payment collections too.

But are pay by links secure?

We’ll take a look at the risk and security measures in place so that you can comfortably integrate this type of payment request.

What is a pay by link?

A pay by link is exactly what it says it is; a link you can send to your customers so that they can easily pay for your goods or services. It’s a type of pay invoice which can be sent in a number of ways, most commonly via an email link or SMS link.

The link will direct the customer to a payment page where they can make the payment when and how they want for ultimate convenience, removing any friction that may have prevented them from completing the transaction.

They can also be used for both one-time payments or recurring payments making them adaptable for any business!

How to securely send a payment link

Payment links are sent via a secure payment gateway, making them just as safe as any other channel. Just like when paying via a website, there’s also the option to tokenise the customer’s card details (the process of securely storing the card information by replacing the details with a unique code called the ‘token’), making it an ideal option for subscription-based models.

But what makes pay by links so secure?

3D Secure payment link

A secure online payment link is always fully authenticated and sensitive data will remain encrypted since it must be compliant with the PCI DSS standards.

Being a 3D Secure payment portal, strong customer authentication (SCA), like a one-time passcode or facial recognition, is also enforced to protect both the merchant and the consumer from fraudulent transactions.

Biometric icons, including face ID, fingerprint ID and passcode.

How do I know if a payment link is secure?

Some of your more security-conscious customers may ask themselves this question and feel dubious about clicking the link. Especially since it’s been ingrained in us not to click any links! So how do you convince them that it’s completely safe? Here are a few tips:

  • Customisable pay by links – Firstly, you can create bespoke payment links by including your logo to reassure your customer that the link has come from you as a legit business.
  • Security icons – Recognisable security features, such as the padlock and https: within the URL show the link is genuine.
  • Alternative payment methods – By offering a consumers preferred and trusted payment method, they will feel more at ease. Particularly, when certain methods, like Apple Pay, have its own security protocols to follow.

The benefits of a secure payment link

There are many benefits of a secure pay by link for both you, the merchant, and the consumer. Including:

  • Convenience –  A customer doesn’t need to download anything to use a pay by link. All they need to do is click the link to be directed to the payment page and make the payment with their chosen method at a time that is suitable to them.
  • Secure – Before pay by links were a thing, customer service teams would accept payments over the phone by asking for the customer’s details. Although this is still done, it’s often preferred to send the customer a link where they can make the payment there and then while they’re on the phone; a much more secure option.
  • Global – Payment links can be sent all over the world so you can accept payments from your international customers.

Are there any risks with pay by links?

Just like any payment method, there’s always an element of risk. Fraudsters use smart techniques to gain access to a customer’s details and will attempt to use any form of payment. However, again like with any method, if you follow the security regulations and implement the relevant protocols you can lessen the risk.

Using additional tools to stay on top of your transactions and any suspicious activity will lower the risk even more. Check out our fraud suite to see all the tools we can provide to keep your pay by links secure.

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