Total Control

Payment processing just got a lot easier.
Total Control is the one-stop platform for smarter, faster payment solutions.

Complete Business Management


Turn payment data into decisions that are best for business with smart reporting and real-time insights.


Take a unified approach to payments with automated transaction notifications from Total Control.

Fraud and
Risk Suite

Customise more than 120 dynamic fraud and risk tools to achieve absolute precision over your payments.


One system, flexible options. Easily manage recurring transactions and schedule payments your way.

Reporting &

Detailed Payments Overview

Get complete oversight of your transactions with full visibility of your processing history.

Dynamic Search Tools

Filter and refine your transactions through a variety of search parameters available in Total Control.


Subscription Payments

Create and manage a flexible payment schedule that allows merchants to take one-off or recurring payments with ease.



Smarter Payments

Increase revenue with smarter billing methods designed to take and recover payments at the optimum time from your customers.

Transaction Management

Quick Reversals

Quickly reverse transactions back to the cardholder with one click.

Process Refunds

Manage refunds seamlessly from Total Control’s transaction environment.

Payment Requests

Send and track the status of payment requests made via Total Control.

Total Defender

Defend a chargeback with as little as 2-clicks.

Fraud &
Risk Management

Leading fraud and risk management services are readily available to support businesses of all sizes.

Stay Secure

Customise your fraud response with precise risk rules that allow you to monitor the efficiency of your fraud strategy.

Data-led Insights

We’re working with our acquiring partners to deliver risk data to our customers early with intelligent fraud alerts.

Block Repeat Fraudsters

Remain proactive with blocklisting functions that prevent transactions made from high-risk devices and locations from being made.

The Power of Your Data

Implement robust risk responses that leverage payment data to learn from your checkout every time a payment is made.

Discover Your 2-Click
Chargeback Defence Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your company administrator can reset your password. This will email a password reset link to the email address assigned to the user account. The link can be used to open a webpage to create a new password. If you are the company administrator contact [email protected] and a password reset link will be issued.

The action icon only appears where the Risk Alert is pending. Alerts that are complete have no further action to take and the Action icon is not made available.

You can refund non-disputed payments to your customers using the transaction feature on the Total Control platform.

If a refund is submitted not long after the original charge occurred, the refund may be processed as a reversal. This means that the original charge will drop off the bank statement altogether as if it never occurred, and the bank account balance will adjust to credit that money back without a specific line item on the statement. If you issued a refund and your customer is reporting they have not seen it after ten business days, ask them to look for the original charge on their bank statement. If they do not see the charge on their statement, it was reversed and the refund is complete. If they still do not see credit and still see the original charge after ten business days, they should reach out to their bank for more information.