How Customers Are Shopping During COVID-19


Whilst COVID-19 has forced the spending habits of consumers to change almost overnight, the ways in which we measured fraud was in part a reactionary statistic that could be categorised into payment type, card-present and card-not-present purchases, and the measures that are taken by merchants to protect themselves. However, as shoppers sit idle in their […]

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How SCA Has Changed in the Wake of COVID-19


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, our partners at Mastercard have released amended details regarding the enforcement of SCA compliance. In September 2019, we published a white paper detailing at length, how SCA would change the payments landscape for businesses across Europe. Check that out here, and note the changes below: As Outlined by […]

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Businesses should be looking to use contactless payments and online payment methods to substitute every previous touch point in order to adapt to the changing lifestyles that come with preventing COVID-19.It is no longer business as usual, but it is business; and that can continue if businesses can adapt to various methods such as pay-by-link […]

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Trustly: Alternative Payments


With the rise in mobile banking, Trustly is a facilitator of alternative payments online for over 2500 websites worldwide; differing from industry leaders such as Apple Pay, whilst offering an equally seamless service. Total Processing is happy to announce that Trustly is one of the 198+ alternative payment methods that we offer alongside other domestic […]

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The Lightning Network: A Compromise On Bitcoin


Before we begin, here’s a glossary of terms that you’ll need for this post. Lightning Network: a protocol built atop of the bitcoin blockchain to enable instantaneous peer to peer payments in BTC. Bitcoin: A cryptocurrency that is used for both monetary and tokenizing functionalities. Blockchain A cryptographic ledger that stores data in blocks. The […]

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The New Apple Pay Plugin


– Introducing the new payment plug-in from Total Processing – offering an alternative customer journey that optimises the customer checkout and increases conversions sitewide. – Cart abandonment is one of the main obstacles to navigate in e-commerce for retailers and other merchants alike. However, no matter the amount of variables that businesses are tackling, the […]

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