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Total Processing Partners With Aero Commerce

Aero Commerce is a powerful e-commerce platform delivering lightning fast speeds, lean infrastructure costs and the flexibility required to adapt to retailers evolving needs.

How Does Aero Commerce Work?

Aero has successfully built a network of more than 50 agencies who use the Aero platform to build truly bespoke and highly optimised stores for their retailers to provide smooth transitions from often slow, and restrictive legacy systems onto their fast, lean and extensible e-commerce solution.

Developed on a modern technology stack and built on the laravel framework, Aero stores can be customised and launched within tight timeframes with the retailer safe in the knowledge that Aero is providing comprehensive support to the agency during the build process and beyond.

3 Benefits to Using Aero Commerce

Protect Your Business Against Lost Sales:

Poor website performance can damage your sales with an estimated 53% of mobile users leaving a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Aero’s performance improves the users experience, assists with search engine rankings, and improves the retailer's bottom line.

Optimised Cost:

Aero’s optimised performance can reduce infrastructure costs by up to 90% less than those offered by many other popular e-commerce solutions.


With an extensible framework and an ability to create bespoke functionality and integrations, Aero can flexibility adapt to the evolving needs of the retailer; avoiding the need for expensive and disruptive replatforms in the future.

Why We’ve Teamed Up:

When we last spoke with Aero Commerce, our CEO Cameron Lee, discussed the benefits of taking a comprehensive approach to e-commerce.

“Agencies can position themselves as a resource hub for clients by offering a range of options, like the use of an in-house payment provider. Then, when e-commerce clients need to make crucial decisions, your agency will have solutions which provide the benefits of immediacy, lower costs and not needing to involve additional stakeholders”.

Aero Commerce’s and Total Processing’s partnership is of dual-benefit to agencies looking to onboard holistic services for their clientele.

Providing flexibility and innovation in service of our merchants, both Total Processing and Aero can fulfil end-to-end processes in e-commerce with our consolidated management processes.

Some of Our Own Benefits Include:

1. Secure and compliant checkout flows within your e-commerce store.

2. Optimised and risk assessed payment options via 198 local and alternative payment methods.

3. Access to 24/7 customer and technical support teams.

4. Competitive and flexible pricing.

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