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Total Processing Partners With Adzooma

Total Processing Partners With Adzooma


Abdullah Abdelkafi


15 Jun 2020

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Total Processing has partnered with Adzooma, a digital marketing platform that simplifies and automates the delivery of advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads. Through the Adzooma platform, merchants can elevate their campaigns with a competitive edge that positions businesses with an advantage to gain quality leads that convert faster with the follow-through for business.

Sharing the same ethos as Total Processing to help businesses succeed, Adzooma’s platform offers the opportunity to solidify resources with an automated solution of sourcing business from the most optimal audiences.

Like Total Processing, Adzooma does away with unnecessary repetition and room for error, assisting small businesses with the extra assistance needed to propel their platform through an automated platform that does the micromanaging for you.

Forget the little details; Adzooma was built with all businesses in mind – consolidating the leading paid media networks into one platform in order to tailor and generate the most successful opportunities for your ads.

Whatever your focus, Adzooma was built for you – monitor your marketing strategy in one place, and see an increase in your clicks, conversions, and impressions no matter the platform you use.

We help you process without limits, whilst Adzooma removes any barriers between you and your competitors when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns.

To celebrate our partnership we Adzooma, we’re offering a free payments review to all of their customers, where we’ll assess their e-commerce store; looking at:

Chargeback liability

Areas for checkout flow optimisation

Methods of reducing instances of cart abandonment

Fraud prevention methods

Alternative Payment Method suitability

Payment standards compliance

Processing Rates

In conjunction, Adzooma is offering £75 in Google Ads spend for all Total Processing customers, along with another deal on its way soon.

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma was built by digital marketers for digital marketers with the resolve of making it easier to advertise online. What launched as a result, was a platform designed to optimise the full expenditure of paid advertising in order to boost profits and save time.

Whilst we’re focused on providing the best solutions to keep you processing, Adzooma lead the way in optimising digital campaigns, launching features such as:

Opportunity Engines Tailored To Present 50 Options Specific To Your Objectives

Machine Learning to Ensure Your Decisions Are Supported By Real Data

Full Communication and Auto-Updates Across all your Advertising Accounts

Access to Customisable Reports

Budget Delivery Management Tools

Through these features Adzooma has already assisted a wealth of clients such as BetFred, Experian and Peninsula, providing a service that allows merchants to manage a wealth of channels that drive a return on investment with seamless integration via its web-based platform.

How Adzooma Works:

Welcome to smarter advertising.

Adzooma provides its users with intuitive account management that allows you to run and manage multiple accounts with one login. With an affordable pricing structure that only asks you to pay for what you use, Adzooma proves its worth with no long-term contracts to trick you into committing to their services. As a Google Premier Partner, Adzooma has exceeded its growth in reaching a wide portfolio of clients with the security of protecting every users’ data through the program.

Beginning with a 3-step process, customers need only sign up, connect their advertising account and start optimising their campaigns to boost their ROI.

Why We’ve Teamed Up:

Total Processing was founded with the aim of resolving concerns in the payments sector that our founders encountered with processing solutions and security. In generating tools to help simplify payments and maximise conversions globally, we see this same ethos reflected in Adzooma.

Adzooma strives to simplify the many issues businesses encounter when trying to market their services. In launching a solution that users can manage and automate; business is made easier as digital campaigns are optimised in one place.

Through this partnership, Total Processing and Adzooma exemplify what it is to be a customer-first business through a shared drive of providing intuitive and innovative solutions that support businesses worldwide.

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