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HotelTime X Total Processing

HotelTime X Total Processing


Abdullah Abdelkafi


10 Oct 2019

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In a partnership with HotelTime’s cloud-based solutions, Total Processing has recently launched plans to integrate their own state of the art payment gateway into HotelTime’s proprietary and innovative PMS system.

Total Processing has been actively integrating flexible and seamless payment solutions into businesses with over a decade of experience behind their team of financial experts and developers.

Fulfilling a gap in the market that will enhance both merchant and customer experiences, this partnership facilitates payment processing across multiple hotel properties and chains with increased omnichannel and technological support across 198 payment methods with cloud-based solutions that are secure and efficient.

Providing ease of access to interfaces, payment types, and customers, the integration upgrades all sectors of the hospitality experience; optimising all experiences from booking to checkout, with the intuitive feed of reporting and support worldwide.

Founder and CEO of HotelTime; Jan Hejny quotes the company’s mission statement as one of quality and customer service within the hospitality industry. In wanting to offer flexibility to customers in the pursuit of longevity, Jan further speaks of Total Processing’s integration:

“HotelTime are delighted to partner with Total Processing as our latest integration. Everything we do at HotelTime is geared towards offering our clients (current and future) the best possible solutions to enable them to optimise both their day to day operations and strategic planning. We also recognise the need to ‘future-proof’ in a fast-changing industry whilst remaining on top of the stringent legislation which surrounds payments. Therefore having a flexible, multi-functional, cost-effective PSP such as Total Processing integrated with HotelTime is a huge benefit to our clients; and one which we are very delighted to offer.” *- Jan Hejny CEO

HotelTime’s partnership with Total Processing is planned to officially launch on October 17th in Prague at the Automation in Hospitality conference.

**HotelTime Profile:**

HotelTime is a long-established provider of cloud-based PMS solutions. With a global presence operating predominantly across Prague, Europe and the UK, Hoteltime is continuing to expand past their portfolio of 500 clients into the UAE, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Africa.

To learn more about HotelTime click here.

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