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ITQ Digital | Partner Program

ITQ Digital | Partner Program


Abdullah Abdelkafi


12 Apr 2021

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We are excited to share some great news! Total Processing has joined forces with ITQ Digital, an e-commerce support and development company. With over 20 years of experience, ITQ Digital has successfully helped more than 100 companies sell their products and services online.

What sets this company apart is its unique free Clinic approach that allows e-commerce businesses to quickly identify pain points and find effective solutions to address them. Whether it’s integration, migration or development, ITQ Digital provides comprehensive support to ensure smooth operations.

To celebrate our partnership, we’re delighted to extend our own free payments review to all ITQ clients to further assist with those integral aspects of any e-commerce business. Our review will demonstrate how our services offer a strategic approach to worldwide checkout solutions through our accredited network of strategic partners.

ITQ Digital clients will receive a free assessment to establish:

  • Chargeback liability
  • Opportunities for checkout flow optimisation
  • Methods for reducing cart abandonment
  • Fraud prevention methods
  • Alternative payment method suitability
  • Payment standards compliance
  • Processing Rates

Together, we will work directly to streamline and speed up the end-to-end processes it takes to help businesses successfully go live and start converting.

Why has Total Processing decided to partner with ITQ Digital?

Total Processing has chosen to partner with ITQ Digital for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it is a highly reputable e-commerce agency based in the UK. With extensive experience in building websites for both B2B and B2C business models, as well as expertise in platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and AeroCommerce, ITQ Digital has proven itself as a reliable and capable partner.

The agency specialises in helping independently owned and managed companies thrive in the e-commerce market. They go beyond simply building websites and instead focus on solving operational challenges, digitising businesses and boosting online sales. Its approach involves understanding the specific commercial goals of its clients and providing tailored solutions that empower them to become formidable competitors in the e-commerce space.

In addition to its core services, ITQ Digital has cultivated a network of trusted partnerships with industry leaders in various areas. These include hosting, cyber security, logistics, fulfillment, digital marketing, user experience and, importantly, payments. By partnering with Total Processing, ITQ Digital can offer its clients an enhanced range of services and consult on optimising revenue and profitability through an effective payment processor.

The collaboration between Total Processing and ITQ Digital allows clients to benefit from a comprehensive support system. Whether it’s the Total Processing service, the e-commerce platform itself or a range of integrated technologies, ITQ Digital clients have access to a wealth of expertise and can kickstart their optimisation journey with a free payments review.

If you’re an ITQ Digital client, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and begin your free payments review today. It’s a great starting point to explore how you can further optimise your e-commerce platform and drive growth.

Get started with your free payments review here.

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