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Total Processing partner with IFX Payments

Total Processing partner with IFX Payments


Abdullah Abdelkafi


28 Nov 2022

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Who is IFX Payments:

Founded in 2005, IFX Payments is a leading global foreign exchange, payment and financial technology provider. IFX Payments offer a variety of solutions, including mass international payments, foreign exchange and virtual IBAN accounts. They are also an official sponsor of Brentford FC.

Benefits of using IFX Payments:


Accept up to 39 different currencies into one single account without any conversion costs.

Auto reconciliation

Create purpose-specific sub accounts in your name to save on manual entry.

FX/Treasury management

Reduce currency exposure with competitive conversion fees.

Configurable accounts

Centralise your cash-management system with an account structure that mirrors your business functions.

Why we’ve teamed up:

Our partnership allows clients to access IFX Payments’ foreign exchange service and global payments network meaning clients can manage, maintain and distribute funds in up to 39 currencies from one single account. This will provide clients with savings on costly FX bank rates along with providing like-for-like settlements of funds from international payments

Similarly, clients of IFX Payments have access to Total Processing’s bespoke payment solutions such as recurring payment options, online payments with multiple alternative payment methods, as well as virtual terminals if required.

A comment from the teams:

Alex Leigh, co-founder of Total Processing: “We are thrilled to have partnered with IFX Payments. After having spoken with a number of FX firms over the years, we know the level of service and solutions that IFX Payments offers is second to none.”

“The IFX Payments flagship platform ‘ibanq’ is a multi-currency, virtual IBAN account that integrates directly into its foreign exchange services and global payments network will highly be beneficial to a number of clients allowing them to manage and distribute funds in multiple currencies from one single account.”

Callum Whittaker, Business Development Manager of IFX Payments : “Total Processing has one of the best reputations in the payments processing space and we know they have a range of solutions that could be really valuable as a service to our clients. We’re looking forward to rolling this partnership out and developing our strategic partnership with the firm.”

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