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Techquity, a dynamic UK-based e-commerce agency, is reshaping the online retail landscape. Find out how this innovative company partnered with Total Processing to craft the ultimate, tailor-made approach that caters to the unique needs of our clients.

The Challenge

In the vibrant world of e-commerce, Techquity stands out as the go-to agency for a fresh take on online retail. Their expertise lies in seamlessly integrating platforms like Magento and Shopify into Aero Commerce, creating not just websites but online experiences that are both visually impressive and high performing.
Techquity spotted a common hurdle among their clients – the need for a comprehensive array of payment methods seamlessly integrated into their solutions. As businesses expand globally, the demand for localised payment options intensifies. This challenge triggered the search for a reliable payment provider capable of effortlessly integrating diverse payment methods for different markets.
We take great pride in our partnership with Total Processing as it allows Techquity to provide retailers with the latest advancements in payment technologies. This collaboration highlights our dedication to ensuring our clients have access to the best options in the market, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.
Matthew Pearson,
E-commerce Consultant

The Solution

Enter Total Processing, offering a solution that goes beyond seamless integration. With our solutions, Techquity smoothly incorporates payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Play into their e-commerce offering. The collaboration with Techquity, ensures a convenient and hassle-free experience for our shared clients.

The Result

A standout success of our collaboration was the migration of Lakeland Leather from Magento to Aero Commerce. This transition prompted the need for a new payment solution, and Total Processing proved to be the ideal choice. Our advanced technology consolidated various features into a single solution, simplifying the payment process for Lakeland Leather. The migration process was executed seamlessly, empowering Lakeland with a payment solution designed to enhance conversion rates.
Also, the additional payment methods provided, like Apple Pay, enabled Lakeland to offer a more inclusive shopping experience for its customers, contributing to heightened user satisfaction. This partnership showcases our dedication to advancing payment technologies in the e-commerce landscape. Our commitment to customer focus aligns seamlessly with Techquity's values. Together, we’re shaping the future of e-commerce payments, ensuring that our clients have access to the best solutions in the industry.

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