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Invevo is on a mission to eradicate the challenges that come with collecting payments. Discover how our partnership with the receivables management platform is helping businesses automate and simplify the whole process to boost conversions.

The Challenge

Collecting payments comes with a whole host of challenges that can cause late or missed payments, particularly in the receivables management industry. That’s why it’s essential to make the process quick and simple and to meet their customer’s needs to limit any issues that result in a failed payment.
Invevo recognised that without a payment processing solution integrated into its platform, customers were redirected to fulfil their payments via a third-party provider. The use of multiple systems affected the customer’s experience by prolonging the process, resulting in friction.
Our partnership with Total Processing has so much potential to transform how businesses collect cash and improve their workflows through the payment experience. We have heard multiple success stories from our clients, and we’re proud to see that they’re thriving by enhancing their CX through our Total Processing integration.
Richard Moreton,
CEO & Founder at Invevo

The Solution

Invevo’s solution includes a self-service portal, customisable workflows, real-time credit risk monitoring and an automated communication suite, providing merchants with the tools to collect payments more effectively.

By integrating Total Processing’s payment solutions into its platform, Invevo can offer a complete end-to-end service. With our optimised checkout flow, flexible payment structure and account-to-account (A2A) payment capabilities, customers can fulfil their transactions quickly and easily without having to leave the platform. This collaboration offers our merchants everything they need to improve their collection rates with a convenient and unified system.

The Result

By joining forces, Invevo and Total Processing are here to make a positive change for your business by improving how you handle payments, reducing operational costs and processing fees and making financial management effortless.

This partnership is significantly beneficial to your customers, too. The improved service and ease of making payments will enhance the customer experience, increasing loyalty and, therefore, collection rates.
The improved efficiency of the payment workflow and advanced technology, including access to open banking payments and customer satisfaction, will allow merchants to focus on growth and enjoy better cash flow.

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