Multibanco is available at more than 11,000 ATMs.

Multibanco represents around 85% of Portugal’s total commerce transactions.

Multibanco holds a 30% market share of Portugese payments market.

What Is Multibanco?

Multibanco is the most popular payment method in Portugal. A debit-based payment method known as a ‘post-pay’ method, customers use Multibanco to fulfill transactions after their purchase with a checkout-generated reference code.

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Payment Type Commerce Channel Chargebacks Recurring Refunds

Payment Type


Commerce Channel

E-commerce and in-store







How Does It Work?

Step 1

The customer makes their purchase online or in-store and is given a reference code.

Step 2

The customer completes the payment at an APM or online with their debit card by inputting the reference.

Step 3

The payment is confirmed.

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