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Total Processing X Code Nation

Total Processing X Code Nation


Abdullah Abdelkafi


12 Jun 2020

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Around 4 months ago, our developers at Total Processing met with Code Nation with an eye to recruit some fresh talent willing to join our team as Developers.
From this meeting, our Tech team met Robbie and Pei, who were undergoing an intensive bootcamp experience; learning to develop technical solutions in a variety of coding languages over 3 months.

After meeting with our Tech team, Robbie and Pei continued their mentorship with us and we are happy to say that they have continued throughout lockdown as our newest Developers at Total Processing.

Code Nation is a nationwide mentorship service, creating employable talent through the self-funded and sponsored development of technical skillsets into real-world applications.

With UK-wide campuses, Code Nation fosters the transition of career paths and connections into apprenticeships and Junior Developer positions with their bootcamp curriculums.

Describing their time with Code Nation as an exciting push outside of their comfort zones, Pei and Robbie were both trained in Javascript, React, Node, CSS, HTML Laravel and PHP; before being mentored in delivering live briefs.

About Pei:

Before joining Code Nation Pei ran in different Tech circles. Based in Birmingham and working within the Tech recruitment sector; Pei found himself drawn to many of the products, softwares, and services he was being asked to recruit for.

In approaching Code Nation, Pei found a passion to become an integral part of creating these services, with a drive to build and create new technology.

Enjoying creating a solution to problems on a continuous basis, Total Processing proudly welcomed Pei onboard as a Junior Developer upon the completion of his bootcamp:

“I really wanted to be part of an industry where they build and create new things to change the world and continuously solve ongoing problems. I am delighted to be a part of an exciting and growing team! What really helped my decision was to join a sociable bunch too! I feel like it has really helped with the transition from recruitment into the tech world!”

About Robbie:

Robbie joined Code Nation’s bootcamp with a degree in art history, undergoing an intensive crash-course in the core fundamentals of coding languages and real-world applications – proving himself to be a worthy addition as a Junior Developer at Total Processing.

With previous career experience in sales and public speaking, Robbie was no stranger to the high-intensity environment that Total Processing requires. However, after discovering the undiluted thrill of challenges within the role as a Junior Developer; Robbie has found his place in the day-to-day of problem-solving and solution making that our tech department requires.

With a growing interest in the Tech sector, Code Nation was able to help foster Robbie and Pei’s talents to allow us to take over their mentorship, despite the on-going lockdown measures.

In the wake of the pandemic, Total Processing continues to work successfully on a remote basis.

Speaking on his first few weeks with Total Processing, Robbie says:

“When the lockdown began there was no definitive end in sight. I shifted from studying remotely to working remotely with Total Processing – which I do have to admit was a jarring experience.

None of the usual adjustments to a new space and environment was required, I just had to focus on the code and my knowledge. Despite this, I am enjoying my first few weeks at Total Processing as I begin to get my head around what is expected of me. This starts with an employer that has solidified what I had only suspected before – that being a Developer is the career that ticks all the boxes for me.

Working at Total Processing has the challenge that I desire and the continuous learning that drew me towards it in the first place. I only wish I had discovered it earlier.”

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