Connect Childcare

See how the leading provider of nursery management software is now efficiently handling over £1 billion in payments annually, as a result of the Total Processing solution.

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The Challenge

Connect Childcare was built with the goal to improve children's lives across the globe. Their innovative software helps nurseries become more efficient by supporting administrative process, letting staff spend more time focusing on the children. The high-quality support it provides to nurseries and pre-schools, have made a real difference to the lives of young people.

During an annual review of their business in 2020, Connect Childcare discovered a growing need to optimise its payment strategy in order to successfully onboard nurseries across its larger client base of more than 3000 nurseries in the UK. There was a need to find a partner to help simplify their payment process, which was previously complex.

The Solution

Through an effective partnership that would utilise our recurring billing platform, we were able to provide Connect Childcare with a smooth onboarding and payouts platform in order to facilitate core business operations.

Through our solutions, we were able to effectively roll out scalable nursery management services with an entirely customisable CRM, whilst additionally streamlining employee workflow with automation tools and partner access features within a single integrated solution.

After a thorough evaluation of the payments ecosystem, it became clear that Total Processing not only provided the most compelling commercial offer but also handled the negotiations incredibly professionally. The Total Processing team have gone over and above to support us through the integration process.

Chris Reid- CEO

The Results

Our partnership yielded a 20% reduction in chargeback rates for the business, as well as an increased savings of 40% (average) for nurseries onboarded with Connect Childcare on their rates.

As a result of the Total Processing solution, 50,000+ customers using Connect Childcare can now access all of their preferred payment methods at the checkout.