Cignpost | Express Test

Find out how the UK’s largest covid test provider, for consumers across the travel sector, were able to start taking payments at high volume with Total Processing.

Services Used:

Next day payouts




Total control


Reporting and analytics

The Challenge

As the world began to slowly return to travel and working in the office post-pandemic, there became an urgent need for fast, accurate and reliable COVID-19 testing solutions for millions of people at once. Cignpost diagnostics is a leading health and diagnostics company with over 750 staff providing covid-19 screening and health diagnostics to the public via its consumer division; Express Test.

Express test quickly became the UK’s largest covid test provider for consumers across the travel sector. With a demanding volume of transactions, Express test partnered with Total Processing to facilitate high processing traffic across multiple commerce channels.

The Solution

Total Processing utilised a multiple-MID strategy to allow Express Test to effectively handle high volumes of processing traffic without false declines or timeouts. In order to seek a quick return on processing traffic, we were also able to enable next-day settlements for the company.

Express Test additionally benefitted from access to our Total Control platform, where they had a full overview of their transaction history and real-time reports and insights.

Uzo and the team at Total Processing worked around the clock to ensure we could scale our business quickly in a time of increasing demand. They were efficient and strategic in their solution, providing us with a solution we could effectively unify across all of our payment channels.

Matt Ball- Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Rapid Results

Execution of this multiple-MID strategy proved extremely successful at controlling the high-capacity of customer transactions; with 1,200,000+ customers successfully checking out each year. Express saw fewer unwarranted declines at the checkout whilst being able to process more payments.

Express are now seeing a reduction in chargebacks with a simultaneous increase in revenue growth. The statistics speak for themselves showing: 20% increase in chargeback defence success, and +6% increase in authorisation rates.