Chargebacks Reality

Why who you're processing with matters

Rebekah Moss 30 Apr 2020 - 15 Minutes reading time

Please note that the guidance provided in this paper does not include any changes to parameters or statistics gathered in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.



What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback Reasons

Category Codes

The Real Disparities

Chargeback Ratios

The Chargeback Process

A Matter Of Perspective

The Future Of Fraud

Source List


“This paper will fully overview the extent to which consumers utilise chargebacks in a growing age of e-commerce; and the instances in which the merchant may lay at fault.

We’ll review the ways in which the use of fraud protection tools and third-party providers can minimise the variables within chargeback claims and disputes; and the credibility of the statistics behind chargeback representment (reversal).

In order to do this, we will detail the chargeback process and the way in which major card issuers and acquirers receive and dispute these claims between the merchant and consumer.

This paper will detail the perceived and true reasons behind a chargeback, the parties involved - especially where issuing banks and acquirers have often been ignored - and the usefulness of reason codes to these same parties.

We will outline the types of fraud and why chargeback ratios matter - depending on the industry the merchant operates in.

As a result, this will lead to a discussion on whether disputes are worth fighting and what types of payment you should accept.”

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