Increasing revenue through smarter processing solutions

With our free payments review, we’ll look into 7 key areas of your e-commerce business and see how they could be optimised to increase revenue, whether that be direct or as a means of offsetting costs for retargeting into other marketing avenues.

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Complete this form to take advantage of our free payments review. Applying forward-thinking to all areas of your business can shape the future of your e-commerce store - with an insight that you didn’t have to leverage before.

We will assess your platform for:

  • Processing Rates
  • Areas for checkout flow optimisation
  • Methods of reducing instances of cart abandonment
  • Fraud prevention methods†
  • Alternative Payment Method suitability
  • Payment standards compliance†
  • Chargeback liability

Driving flexible solutions

An optimised payments strategy is not only one that removes points of friction, but one that can cater to customer demand.†

Through our review, we can assist in scenarios where most e-commerce businesses do not have a payments specialist in-house or provide that helpful second opinion; to ensure conversions and protection against losses across the board.†

It is our goal to make sure that no merchant is being overcharged for the cost of doing business. With our review, Total Processing is here to shed some light on the key areas available to utilise in driving revenue through a variety of channels.