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Total Processing is a payment solutions company focused on incorporating technology and bringing innovation and convenience for companies to receive payments. With Total Processing's all-in-one solution, you can accept several different payment methods using just one platform.

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Why choose Total Processing?

Access to Total Control
Our industry leading reporting platform. Get payment data in real time, a complete overview of your commercial activity and gain in depth customer insight, all through one single platform

Local customer support
We are based in the same region as you and understand the areas that you operate in

Alternative Payment Methods
Allow your customers to pay how they want when they want with more than 198 payment methods, including crypto

Driving flexible solutions

We offer a variety of payment methods allowing you to choose the optimal payment strategy that is unique and works for you and your clients.

  1. Point of sale
  2. Online payments
  3. Pay by links
  4. Recurring payments
  5. QR payments
  6. Phone payments

TLZ have secured a preferential rate for all of their clients so get in touch today.