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Payment Solutions

Offering a variety of different payment methods to your customers can help to reduce your risk of missing out on a potential sale. Here at Total Processing our advanced payment solutions are designed to allow you to accept payment from your customers via multiple methods, including card and PayPal payments via your eCommerce site, card payments over the phone, mobile payments, Apple pay, and point of sale transactions at your premises.

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Payment Integration & Testing

Our technical team is very talented and experienced in dealing with both set-ups and troubleshooting of our online payment solutions. We’ve got the latest technology at the forefront of our arsenal and at the fingertips of our developers, allowing us to provide you with a state-of-the-art gateway solution and friendly, helpful support. Our on-site team will help you to get your system up and running, training your staff and assisting you in taking your first of many payments. From then on, if you encounter any issues our team of technicians will be on hand to help you resolve them with minimal disruption to your business operations.


This is the most common of all the online payment methods, and all eCommerce sites should support it. It is usually found in eCommerce websites, integrated via shopping cart software, and taken on a hosted payment page or API integration to keep clients on-site.


These payments are often referred to as MOTO, which stands for mail order/telephone order. We enable the use of a virtual terminal which allows you to input and take the payment safely and securely over the telephone with a client.

Point of Sale

We can provide hand held, mobile point of sale terminals that communicate via 3G/4G directly with the merchant account to take payments physically from a cardholder at the time of transaction. Chip and Pin and contactless technology is also available.

Mobile Payments

Our hosted payment pages are all mobile-responsive, and designed to suit your current set-up using CSS. Mobile devices are increasingly used for shopping, and most mobile platforms support online payment systems to enable easy transactions for customers on the move.

Apple Pay

This relatively new technology allows payment information to be submitted using a client’s fingerprint on a mobile app or mobile site. Our gateway is Apple Pay-enabled, enabling you to streamline your online payment processing and increase conversions.
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We’re a team of experienced, friendly professionals who pride ourselves on our unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and fantastic customer service. Established in 2015, the team at Total Processing works closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create finely tuned advanced payment solutions that result in tangible improvements to revenue and online conversions.

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