Hosted Payment Pages (fastest integration)

For a fast approach to accepting payments online via your e-commerce enabled store or bespoke website. We offer the rapid solution of using our hosted payment pages that can be styled and themed to suit your current website’s look, feel and theme.

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Fast & Easy setup

These payment pages can be set-up very quickly at our end, the customer completes the payment process on our page and then redirected back to your order confirmation page.

Secure payments

The hosted solution is kept behind our secure gates, rest assured that payment card information is stored and processed securely, need not be concerned with ensuring maximum security on your own site.

PCI Compliant

Using our hosted payment page makes sure that you’re in keeping with the latest PCI standards for accepting payments. You’ll be piggy backing off our compliance level.

Mobile Ready

All the hosted solutions are programmed responsively so they adapt to your end users device, it makes sure that your pay-flow is displayed in the most effective way increasing conversions.

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