API Payment Page (customer retained on site)

Somewhat more complicated than the hosted solutions, an API integration (Application Interface) keeps your customers within your website and they are never directed off-domain. We provide full documentation for your developers to reference, should you require assistance from our technical team-we’re more than capable of assisting.

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Customer retention

Your clients remain on-site, they’re not taken off-site to complete the payment. Some more tech savvy customers may notice that they’re leaving the original e-commerce site to complete the process. This alleviates that possibility.

Increased Conversions

It's industry known that in the world of e-commerce, using a API (application interface) integration where the payment is seamless with the checkout process and client remains on-site more likely of purchasing.

Error handling

You get the opportunity to handle clients that may drop out of the payment process early, scoop up those partial transactions and convert them where possible. Other potential errors can be handled with more grace than a hosted solution.

Customised Checkout

Create your own checkout experience for your customers. Giving your customers the most streamlined payment flow that suits your business requirements can only benefit user experience and revenue metrics.

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