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Payment Integration

Gateway integration

Our core ethos that we like to work towards is being the safe haven for all your processing requirements. If there’s an obstacle in your path to accepting payments, we’d like to be the first port of call. We enjoy working with our clients as well as working for them, this is why we’d like to handle your entire payment solution from start to finish-one of the key components to this is development work.

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Integrating a payment solution shouldn’t be a daunting task, if anything it should be exciting being able to take payments live on your website, via point of sale terminal or an application downloaded from the app store. One hurdle to get over is getting your web designer to book in the tasks set out and then getting them paid for the job! We’d like the opportunity to help with that part in any way, shape or form. Even if it’s the entire integration or just a small part, we can even guide you through the process of doing it yourself if you’re tech savvy.

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We understand how important taking payments is and getting it wrong could be costly. The main stumbling blocks gateway integrations suffer from is developers not communicating effectively with the gateway provider, not being aware of the capabilities of the gateway or missing out integral parts of an integration. We understand your model and want you to make full use of all the features we provide, going that extra mile allows you to take total control of acquiring payments and getting that into your business to use efficiently and effectively.

Total Integration

This is the main reason we offer this as part of Total Processing, it’s paramount that things are done right the first time. We’d like to understand your company and its processes that go on behind closed doors. Getting into the thick of it helps us understand exactly what you need-if there’s areas where we feel that you could be doing better, we’d highlight those. Being pro-active about these process methods is far better than having to be reactive to problems when they could have been helped earlier on.    

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We’re a team of experienced, friendly professionals who pride ourselves on our unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and fantastic customer service. Established in 2015, the team at Total Processing works closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create finely tuned advanced payment solutions that result in tangible improvements to revenue and online conversions.

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