Every business is different, and each one has its own unique needs. At Total Processing we understand that you don’t fit into the same bracket as the next business, even within the same industry or sector, which is why we offer bespoke, tailored solutions. The settlement of your account is tailored to you and your individual business; of course risk is also a factor, but we are equipped to help you handle any potential risk. There are a number of options that can be negotiated, including daily settlement, twice a week, or once every 6 months, for example.


The internet has allowed an increasing number of businesses to expand to geographical locations that were previously inaccessible. Many businesses now have to be fully flexible, ensuring that they offer their customers a broad range of currencies in which to make a payment. Total Payments offers most of the currencies that you can think of from GBP, USD and Euro, to RUB, ZAR and much more.

If your business has expanded internationally and you are in need of a method of accepting payments in different currencies, please contact us and we’ll discuss all available options with you, and help you to find the best possible solution for your business needs.