Merchant account pricing

We’ll work with your company profile and the banks and negotiate the cheapest rates possible for you. Having us apply for your merchant account to go to yahoo.give’s you a competitive edge against your rivals as you’ll undoubtedly achieve better margins on your successful payments and overall running of your commercial activity.

The rates and fees heavily depend on the risk factor of the model that is seeking payments, essentially the higher the risk, the higher the fees applicable.

Merchant discount rate (MDR)

The rate you will pay to process transaction with a bank depends on a number of different factors, ranging from the sector you operate in to the size of your business, to the delivery times of your products. For example: an online furniture store with a high ticket items & prolonged delivery time is seen as a higher risk than an online clothing store with lower valued products & fast delivery.


If a product hasn’t been delivered or a service hasn’t been received or something of that nature, to keep your service exemplary and your brand level high, the gateway has the facility to issue a refund. A refund very simply transfers funds from your merchant account, into the customers account. A refund can only occur when a client has originally made a transaction/purchase.

Chargeback fees

Any online and distance seller online is susceptible to chargebacks. All merchant accounts apply fees for each specific type of chargeback you recieve. It's the fee they charge should a customer request the funds back via thier bank. If you decide to dispute the payment, banks must communicate on your behlaf incurring costs, this is what the fee goes towards.