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Merchant Accounts from Total Processing

Why Do I Need a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a business bank account which is used to acquire payments from your clients’ debit and credit cards. The charges are taken from your client’s account and sent directly to your merchant account, where the funds are held until they are settled into your nominated bank account. Merchant accounts will:

  • Support you and your customers with the best security & data protection
  • Guarantee debit and credit card transactions are processed safely and securely
  • Protect you against chargebacks
  • Pre-check customers' accounts for sufficient funds before payment authorisation

At Total Processing we can provision an online merchant account, sometimes referred to as a MiD or merchant id, for your business. We have built up strong partnerships with a number of merchant banks and service providers, and can help to find the best merchant account and service for your needs.

Discover Why We're Leading Merchant Account Providers

Focus on Running Your Business - Not Filling Out Forms

Sourcing the right merchant account with the right bank is critical to the success of your business, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process if you’re unfamiliar with it. Getting the settlement terms, merchant category code, fraud settings, and various others account settings right is crucial as this will dictate the payment management of your business.

This is where we can help. At Total Processing we can source an online merchant account for your business in a way that’s effortless for you. We have built up strong partnerships with a variety of merchant banks and providers, and can help to find the best merchant account and service for your business needs. We promise to:

  • Research different accounts options & conditions to find the best solution for you.
  • Apply for your merchant account on your behalf.
  • Use our active partnerships with banks to streamline the approval process and get a priority set-up.
  • Negotiate with banks for the cheapest possible price on your merchant services.

If you’re looking for the cheapest merchant account that is custom-selected and vetted for your business, speak to the experts here at Total Processing. Please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and conditions, and help you find a suitable merchant account to streamline your point of sale processes.

All-In-One Payment Processing Solutions

Even for small businesses, it’s extremely beneficial if you’re able to offer your customers flexibility in payment methods and that’s where we can help with our carefully selected payment services.

In order for funds to be moved into a merchant account, card payments must be processed. Today, the majority of debit and credit card processing takes place electronically through online payment processors.

There are three aspects required in order for a merchant to accept card payments – a merchant account, a payment gateway and a card terminal or online shopping cart. Opening your new merchant account with Total Processing means that you’ll also be processing payments online via our secure payment gateway – a convenient, all-in-one payment solution that’s trusted by banks.

Our merchant accounts will empower you with the ability to accept the full range of credit and debit cards, as well as online payment methods including:


With our powerful solutions, you’ll be able to take payments online, as well as face-to-face via card machines and readers.

What Goes Into Setting Up An Online Merchant Account?

Opening an internet merchant account to start accepting payments online is similar to opening a regular bank account, although there are several extra factors and conditions that the bank provider will take into consideration. One of the largest factors which is evaluated during this process is the nature and products offered of the business on the whole; this is the initial risk assessment and your business will be placed into one of two different categories: high risk and low risk.

Providing your business meets the necessary terms and you have provided the applicable details, setting up an online merchant account with us can be a smooth and simple process. However, your account application could be delayed if the acquiring bank perceives your business as high risk.

As part of the application process, banks must verify the identity of their clients under Know Your Customer regulations. Find out what you’ll need to supply here.

Learn about legal and compliance requirements under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and what you’ll need to meet bank security requirements. 

We will identify the best and most appropriate secure payment method for your business. 

The costs and monthly fees to run the account.

How and when your funds get to you, and what currencies you’ll be able to accept. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

Fast account set-up

There’s no need to fill out multiple, and seemingly endless, forms with details about you and your business. We’ll take one application form and submit it to all the banks we pre-select as being the best option for your business model, making the entire process of bank account application far smoother and simpler for you.

Real-time communication

By entrusting us to handle your merchant account application you can be guaranteed that throughout the application process we will maintain regular communications with the bank. Maintaining regular communication with the bank ensures that we receive real-time feedback and updates to support you with your application.

Priority set-up

We have an active partnership with all the major merchant account banks, so when we send an application on your behalf it gets processed much more quickly. Our reputation and standing with the account providers will directly benefit and help you; your application will be considered much more carefully as we’ve already vetted it thoroughly.

High acceptance rate

Choosing to open your new merchant account via Total Processing typically means that the rate of acceptance is higher than usual as you’ll also be processing payments online via our payment gateway service. Knowing that we’ll be managing your financial transactions with all the risk management features at the first stage of payment acceptance provides peace of mind to the bank.

Cheapest prices

Banks take applications from us knowing that the payment solution has been cherry picked and vetted carefully. This process allows the banks to view your application with a diminished risk factor, granting them more scope and details for lower discount rates and overall fees.
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