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Merchant category code 6012

The merchant category code 6012, also known as the MCC code, is related to payments taken for financial institutions, primarily those merchants that deal with loan payments or other credit-related activities.

Every merchant account has a category code attached to it, which identifies the market that the payment is related to, allowing issuing banks to identify what product or service is, or was, being provided.

6012 MCC codes are considered relatively high risk, and specific issuing banks have requested additional payment information to be provided with transaction requests in order to verify that the cardholder is knowingly entering into a credit-related contractual agreement with the merchant.

The MCC 6012 supplementary pieces of information required with this category code are as follows:

  • First 6 letters of the client’s surname
  • First part of the client’s postcode
  • Client’s date of birth
  • Client’s 8 digit credit/loan account number

The legislation surrounding 6012 merchant category codes is relatively new, so some payment gateways are not yet equipped to comply with it. However, our payment gateway is ready to accept these particular types or high risk payments, providing you and your clients with maximum security and peace of mind with each transaction.

By supplying this supplementary information with every MCC6012 transaction, the issuing bank is provided with ample evidence that the transaction is fully legitimate, thus protecting the merchant from potential financial conduct regulatory issues and chargeback risk.

If you have any questions surrounding this newly-introduced merchant security measure, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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