Fraud Prevention

Whether you are currently taking payments online or are thinking about setting up the facility via your ecommerce site, it’s likely that you will have carried out a risk assessment to identify the potential risks involved in distance selling. If you’ve asked yourself questions such as “How do we combat fraudulent transactions so that we don’t lose out to criminal activities?” – You are probably looking for the most effective credit card fraud protection measures for your business.

At Total Processing we specialise in providing a payment gateway solution that comes equipped with a fraud protection suite (FPS), and provides an extra blanket of security to you as a distance selling merchant. The FPS comprises of several elements which are designed and developed to help you identify potential online fraud problems and stop them entirely without your intervention.

The gateway and FPS comes with a level of control that allows you to adjust the settings in order to take fraud action as you see fit; the list below covers some of the settings the suite offers:

Email hot listing

This method of fraud prevention allows you to deny payments coming from specific email addresses.

IP hotlist

Ban payment attempts from specific IP addresses and ranges of IP addresses if you’ve experienced problems in the past or are aware of industry-related problems from specific ranges.

BIN country hotlist

The first 6 digits of all payment cards form the BIN number, allowing the gateway to detect which country the card has been issued from. If you’d prefer not to take payments from a specific country you can block it in the FPS.

Device id hotlist

Every device used online carries an ID; if passed over in the payment information, you can ban particular devices from submitting payments.

Address hotlist

This card fraud prevention method allows you to ban particular cardholder addresses from making payments.