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Cryptocurrency Merchant Accounts with Total Processing

Cryptocurrencies worldwide popularity has led to the emergence of many cryptocurrency businesses. The crypto market still remains a high-risk sector, which is why you may have found it difficult to gain approval for a merchant account.

We have long-term, trusted relationships with a number of merchant banks that enables us to put your application forward to the best high-risk merchants, account provider.

We offer our merchants the latest payment processing technologies so that you can do the same for your customer base. Our secure payment solution will protect your business from risks such as chargebacks and credit card fraud.

Zero Downtime
Zero Downtime

Whether you’re an eager new business or switching providers and need to keep the registers ringing, our fast, plug-and-play integration gets you online and selling ASAP.

PCI-DSS Level 1 Security
PCI-DSS Level 1 Security

Our industry leading security ensures your customers’ data is safe and gives them the comfort and confidence they need to transact with you online.

Your Business Longevity Secured

Securing Cryptocurrency merchant processing can be very difficult. At Total Processing we specialise in finding a solution for your industry and keep you trading.

Protect Your Business with a Secure Payment Gateway

You’ll need a payment gateway if you’d like to accept telephone or online payments for your cryptocurrency business.

Our secure payment gateway protects both your cryptocurrency business and your merchant bank from the potential losses associated with chargebacks and credit card fraud.

Our gateway gives you control over payments. Hotlists allows you to deny payments from specific emails, IPs, countries, devices, and addresses. Our powerful card verification and security tools also allow you to confirm details such as security cards and customer addresses.

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Competitive rates for Cryptocurrency Merchants

Same Day Integration

You'll have our payment engineers and developers at your disposal to ensure you're taking payments as soon as possible.

Alternative Payment Methods

Our expertise in alternative payment methods means you always have a way of collecting revenue.

Risk Management

Our payment gateway solution comes complete with a fraud protection suite to protect your business.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments means recurring revenue. Stabilise and grow your business by accepting subscription and installment payments.

Total Control - Performance Reports

Our bespoke client dashboard gives you a complete overview of your commercial activity.

Acquiring Freedom

We're not owned or controlled by an acquiring bank. In fact, we work with multiple banks so we can find and pass on the best rates to you.

* The approval rate is determined by the information you provide us about your business.

How Total Processing can help your Cryptocurrency Business

We are free from the restrictions of an acquiring bank which means we can offer quick, convenient and constraint-free payments solutions.

  • Reduce limitation with a flexible payment gateway
  • Offer a seamless buying experience
  • Accept 198 different payment methods for card payments
  • Gain more control over fees
  • Accept payments with protection against chargebacks
  • Gain gateways fraud prevention technology
  • Secure data transfers with PCI Level 1 compliance that has a 99.99% uptime
  • Use our active partnerships with banks to streamline the approval process and get a priority set-up

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