Taking Payments with COPYandPAY:

An Introductory Guide

Written by Rebekah Moss 01 Oct 2019 - 3 minutes reading time

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When integrating iframe payment pages, Merchants in the e-commerce space needn’t worry about their customers leaving sites; adding friction to the checkout flow and risking cart abandonments in the payment process.

The flexibility afforded with COPYandPAY iframe integration caters to business branding needs without compromising on security; becoming one of the easiest ways to safely transact data between a customer and the bank.

In a fashion that is flexible to design needs, but secure in processing and sharing information from user to bank; an iframe is one of the easiest ways to integrate hosted and branded payment pages in online shopping spaces.

In this introductory guide to COPYandPAY integration, you’ll discover just how simple taking e-commerce payments can be.

What is COPYandPAY?

COPYandPAY is a seamless iframe integration for payment service providers and merchants wishing to host a fulling branded, customizable and secure payments page within their e-commerce storefront.

Intended for use by developers, with a further library of predetermined widgets; COPYandPAY begins with a 3-step process to facilitate payments, that can further be customized by merchants.

When the initial payment sheet does not fully house the payment information or payment methods you’d like to process, a developer can find guides on how to customize the code to suit each merchant’s individual business needs.

COPYandPay tackles what hosted payment solutions often struggle to do. As Noirepay identifies; hosted payment solutions are rarely customizable. COPYandPAY is fully customizable to ensure that it is presented to customers as a branded entity, as part of its SAQ-A PCI DSS compliance parameters. COPYandPAY fulfills both aesthetic and security compliance all within a site’s source code.

How does it work?

Available in multiple coding languages such as ruby, c#, PHP and javascript; the 3 integration steps using templated code provided by COPYandPAY are as follows:

  1. Prepare the checkout

  2. Create the payment form – checking how it will appear to a customer.

  3. Confirm how the payment status will appear when the transaction is complete.

Connected To:

COPYandPAY connects to our state of the art, fully PCI compliant gateway that is full of data-rich and thereby intuitive capabilities to enable merchants with the ability to predict consumer behaviour. Allowing merchants to breakdown data to fit their customized needs; our companion CRM acts as an interface that is user-friendly and easy to use.

Merchants can track transactions, manage chargebacks and identify anomalies from transactions made with their COPYandPAY plugin in real-time.

All of this is protected with our gateway’s fraud management suite, tailored for businesses with a variety of payment types.

Is it safe?

The customer card data sent through the COPYandPAY iframe is completely tokenised. Through this process not only is the Merchant unable to see the cardholder’s data, but this security measure facilitates the ‘remember me’ function to allow customers to securely make repeat purchases through the site again. As mentioned, both the iFrame and Total Processing’s gateway are fully PCI DSS compliant to a level 1 standard. A standard that is upheld by all of the major card brands across the globe, this compliance is maintained to ensure that card data is processed and stored correctly throughout and following a transaction.

How will it help?

COPYandPAY’s easy integration and across the board compliance not only assures a secure and frictionless checkout for your customers but, with the additional support of major card brands such as Mastercard, VISA, PayPal, Amex, and SOFORT, customers can connect to more than 200 financial institutions across 196 countries.

With a checkout optimized for both desktop and mobile and primed for easy conversions, our gateway processes payments with a 99.99% uptime - leaving you with minimal risks and ultimate opportunities.

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